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Could you foster one or two of our rescued furkids?- To give for many the first time in their lives a loving caring home until we can find them their perfect forever home?


We are not saying being a foster carer is going to be all roses and daffodils, but we guarantee when you realise the amazing impact on a strays life you have had, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.


Our rescued strays come from many varying circumstances, very rarely good circumstances. Many once had families of their own but in Romania when you get bored of a dog or cat, you just throw it on the street knowing it will most likely be abused or killed in varying ways and pick yourself up another from a street corner.


We also get the female dogs, whose owners because they couldn’t be bothered to spay them will dump them in a forest or empty field to give birth and ultimately die from the elements that’s if starvation doesn’t get them first.


There are so many circumstances these animals, through no fault of their own, end up having to be rescued from. And for the bulk of them all they want is a kind hand to fuss them and a meal in their stomach.


Some have been so brutalised they have missing limbs, yet time and again they will trust another human in hopes they will not hurt them like others have before. Some understandably need time to build that trust again, but at the base of their characters they are all really good dogs just wanting a family to give them as much love as they will show their family.

What is entailed?

Once you have passed a homecheck we will keep your details on file, and when we have a dog or cat that needs urgent/short term or long term foster we will contact you. If you are able to, we will then arrange for that animal to be transported across to the UK to be welcomed into your home as though they were one of your own.


You will love and care for them, train and help them to become the amazing dog or cat that we know them to be. All the while we will be searching for that perfect forever home, and when it is found we will contact you to let you know.


During the dog or cats stay with you, we would expect you to take out pet insurance , and if a trip to the vet is needed to do so.  We would also expect you to feed the dog or cat regular nutritious meals, give him or her regular exercise and plenty of positive human interaction.


Whatever you pay out for the pooch or pussy cat please keep the receipts and when the dog or cat is adopted we will reimburse you. Needless to say that if the foster carer decides the cat or dog require a diamond stud collar rather than a basic durable collar or decide to feed Fido with top of the range rump steak rather than good quality complete food we will not reimburse you for this. We are talking about basic care, health and safety.


During the little guys or girls stay with you, if you do find they have any behaviour problems etc we are there to support you, with on hand advice and a behaviourist to give top training tips etc . We hope to make your fostering experience as easy as possible.


If at the end of the day you truly are unable to continue fostering, just contact us and we will arrange another foster home as soon as possible.


So, if you think you could provide such an amazing service for our Rescued Rommies, please do Contact us as soon as possible.

fostering pic priya

I adopted my first Romanian rescue Gypsy, in March 2012 and I was only looking to adopt. She is a gem. Then I came across little Rexi's picture and read that he needed a foster ASAP. I agreed and along with Rexi I was asked to foster Alpina now Boo.


They were the most well- behaved house guests I have ever had. Rexi stayed with me a couple of months and went on to be adopted by a lovely family and Boo became mine. I was keen to foster again and haven't looked back ever since. These dogs are such joy to have around and seeing them come out of their shell, start trusting, integrating with other dogs and people and making progress everyday is the best feeling ever. I have been a foster mummy to four already and all happily rehomed. Looking forward to my next two next week. It is so rewarding


Priya Sen - London