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Collecting and Donating Aid

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Because we are a small charity trying to do a large charities job, every penny counts. So what we do is utilise what we already have in place saving our charity money to use on other lifesaving projects.


One of the ways we do this is we organise our own transports to safely and comfortably bring the adopted/fostered dogs and cats from Romania to the UK. Once the travel cages are empty and cleaned out, we then fill them with lifesaving aid. Whether this be Food, Medical Supplies, spay and neuter equipment to second hand blankets/sheets and duvets, the list goes on and on.


Anything we possibly can use to benefit the animals and save lives we will take back to Romania and distribute these amongst our trusted network of individual rescuers and regional Romanian animal welfare groups.


However as we battle to help thousands of animals each year, the need for financial help and donated aid is constant.


This is where supporters like you come in.....


We really need people who are able to get out there and ask their family and friends, local vets, supermarkets and their local communities to donate what they can to our charity. We need people then to be able to collect the donated items and meet one of our transports with the aid which will then be taken back and distributed, saving so many lives and making life bearable for so many animals under our wing.


The list of aid needed can be downloaded by clicking and downloading via the WishList Button below. This list is not exhaustive. If you can think of anything else that may come in useful please don’t hesitate in collecting and donating it. We really are one of the best recyclers in animal welfare, we have had to be!


Whether you want to become a regional volunteer coordinator (Posh term for organising people in your area) or simply have some aid you want to donate as an individual, please do contact us, and we really will be more than happy to help you.